Need professional tile and grout cleaning at an affordable price?

Tile & Grout CleaningX-treme can make that happen! Cleaning tile & grout lines on your own can be frustrating, time consuming and never gets clean the way you like it. Mopping just pushes dirt and grease further into the pores of the grout making it look darker and dirtier over time. You need a professional, powerful and safe tile and grout cleaning.

X-treme provides a professional and affordable way to clean ceramic or natural stone tile and grout, for residential and commercial customers.

How Tile & Grout Cleaning Works…

Using products that are highly effective, yet gentle on the natural stone finishes, helps us to get your tile and grout X-treme clean. We begin with our X-treme grout scrubbing and deep cleaning. Then, using our high-pressure, hot water rinsing system allows us to loosen the dirt, grime and mildew. Together, these allow us to not only clean, but also sanitize the surface and the grout. After our X-treme steam cleaning treatment, both the tile and the grout are left clean and sparkling afterwards. No mess, no fuss! You can see great results anywhere in your home: kitchen floors, entryways, bathroom floors, showers and tubs, tiled halls, sunrooms, countertops, and more.

We recommend getting your grout sealed after it has been steam cleaned. This provides extra protection on your grout that will make it resistant to spills and stains. It will also help to keep the grout and the surface looking clean longer, helping you get extra life from your flooring.

Floors should be maintained every 12 to 16 months, depending on the traffic in the area.

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